Hi all,

My name is Aje Björkman. I’m a writer, storyteller, graphic designer, and motion designer. In that order.

I hold a BA in Media- and Communication from Malmö University and a general degree from Lund University. I’ve worked as an internal and external communicator, a translator, and as a freelance journalist.

Recently I enrolled as a motion design student at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, motivated by the possibility to expand my storytelling-capabilities with motion design. During my time at Hyper Island, and in regard to practical competency, I’ve primarily worked at getting acquainted with Animate CC and frame-by-frame or cel-animation, i.e., 2D-animation. At heart, though, I’m very much a storyteller.

Reach me at: home@ajebjorkman.se or +46 72 314 91 82